• Economic Development

Financial Performance

The Nickel Mines Group produces some of the lowest capital intensive and the most profitable nickel units in the global market in partnership with the world’s largest, lowest cost stainless steel producer.

Whilst we own a world class nickel laterite mine, our operations are beyond from just a mining story. We are growing simultaneously with our partner and enjoying a sustainable financial performance since 2018.

Indirect Economic Impacts

Our operations in Central Sulawesi indirectly contribute for the total growth of 4.9% of this province in 2020,
while the Indonesian economy contracted by 2.1% in the same year.

Over the past decade, the District of Morowali in Central Sulawesi, where our Hengjaya Mine, Hengjaya Nickel, and Ranger Nickel located, grew by 1,200% versus the whole province’s growth of 161%.

Procurement Practices

The Group is committed to stimulate local socioeconomic development by developing and hiring local suppliers and service providers that sustainably contribute to the livelihoods and well being of the communities around our areas of operation.