• Environmental Stewardship


We acknowledge the importance of biodiversity in our operations and projects and commit to implementing biodiversity management programs as a part of our good mining practices.

We are committed to make conscious decisions to contribute to improving biodiversity levels in the most appropriate and meaningful ways and to comply with the local biodiversity regulations wherever we operate.


Delivering world class sustainability performance is essential to our business success. Meeting our commitments in the energy aspect contributes to sustainable development in our operational areas and more broadly across the globe, and is essential to our continued access to resources, capital and engaged people.

Thus, we are always committed to continuously improving our activities, seeking increased efficiency in the use of energy in our projects and operations;


We are continuously improving our activities, seeking increased efficiency in the use of natural resources and reducing carbon footprint in our projects and operations;

We are also diversifying our product range by producing nickel matte product that can be used to make battery grade nickel for use in the electric vehicle and other low carbon technologies.


We will act responsibly across the life cycle of our activities, from project conception, through to execution and operation, till the closure of our activities, to manage risks and impacts related to waste generation by promoting the 4R principles: reduce, reuse, recycle, and recovery.

In addition, we are also working collectively with the local stakeholders in our sites and project areas to promote responsible waste management as part of our long-term sustainability commitments.

Water and Effluents

We are committed to continuously increase the efficiency in the use of water and to meet or exceed the effluent standards where we operate.

We respect the right of indigenous and local communities’ to access clean and safe water as well as seek to develop active partnerships at international, national, regional, and local levels to protect and conserve water for future generations.